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Exclusive Christmas Coffee - Rukira, Kenya

Exclusive Christmas Coffee - Rukira, Kenya

Whole Beans

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Tasting notes: Our exclusive Christmas coffee is fruity and sweet. It has a delightful chocolate aroma and flavor notes of berries and brown sugar.

Our exclusive Christmas coffee this year is a beautiful coffee from Rukira, a washing station we have been sourcing coffee from for many years. Rukira is one of the washing stations associated with the Othaya Farmers Society. It was built in 1979 and is located near a village of the same name, between the Mumwe and Thuti rivers that flow down from the Aberdare Mountains. At the washing station, nearby farmers deliver their hand-picked coffee cherries, which are weighed and sorted according to high-quality standards before being wet-processed or sun-dried on raised beds.

This exclusive Christmas coffee tastes just as good with your Christmas breakfast as it does with the Christmas cookies, offering you a cup of coffee with an extra sweet mouthfeel and berry-fresh flavors that add an exclusive touch to the holiday season.

CooperativOthaya Farmers Society
Washing station: Rukira
Region: Othayya, Nyeri
Process: Washed
VarietySL28, SL34, Ruiru11, Batian
Altitude: 1850 masl

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