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Solberg & Hansen

Christmas Espresso - Colombia / Etiopia

Christmas Espresso - Colombia / Etiopia

Whole Beans

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Tasting notes: A fruity and sweet espresso with hints of cherry, chocolate, and orange.

This year's Christmas espresso is an espresso blend with washed coffee from La Orquidea in Colombia and Tade in Ethiopia.

Solberg & Hansen's seasonal espresso changes multiple times a year, in line with new seasons and coffee harvests. The focus is always on seasonal, fresh coffee with flavors that reflect the time of year we are in.

This Christmas espresso is certified organic.

ProducerLa Orquidea / Tesfaye Bekele Degaga
FarmLa Orquidea / Tade
RegionPlanadas / Guji
Process: Washed
VarietyCaturra, colombia / Welicho, kurume
Altitude: 1500-2100 masl

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