About us

We are the oldest and largest Norwegian speciality coffee roastery and are passionate about giving you the best cup of coffee you've ever had. Our roastery is located in a small district on the east end of Oslo, called Ryen.

From bean to cup

Roasted with perfection

Coffee from Solberg & Hansen is meant to create value at every step – from the coffee farmer to our customers. Our focus on quality aims to provide sustainability from bean to cup and ensure a unique taste experience.

Quality in every bag

Packed and labelled with care

To make it simple for you as a customer to know what you're ordering, we have divided our coffee into different categories:

Footprint - Taste - Espresso - Concept - Seasonal

Simply put, in the light green bags we have coffee where traceability is the focus and in the dark green bags you'll find coffee where taste is the focus. And of course, you'll find espresso in black bags.

Additionally, we have Black Coffee and Black Espresso, which are our very own concepts created in collaboration with Norwegian metal culture. During the different seasons of the year you’ll also find coffees with unique labels which reflects Norwegian traditions or the nature that surrounds us here up north.

Footprint: Coffee that makes an impact

In norwegian we call it "spor"

For Solberg & Hansen, our passion for coffee is more than just about flavor. We are just as engaged with the people who produce coffee for us, as we are in the environment it comes from. Coffee shouldn’t just taste good, it should do good – it should make an impact. Respect for nature, environment, and the people who produce coffee are an important part of our philosophy. Close cooperation and fair prices create a stable environment for the communities of the farmers that we work with. Where and who you purchase coffee from makes a difference and together we contribute to improve the welfare and social conditions for many people.

Thank you for caring!

Taste: The taste of perfection

In norwegian we call it "sans"

Since 1879 Solberg & Hansen has travelled the world in search of amazing coffee. This experience has given us knowledge and understanding for all the factors that effect taste. Bean variety, altitude, region, climate and roasting are only a few of the factors that combine to give each coffee their unique qualities. We source amazing coffee, but taste is individual and only you know what you like best. Close your eyes and open your sense of taste and smell to discover your favorite type of coffee. Taste may differ, but every single coffee we purchase has one thing in common: they are amazing coffees, individually chosen for their unique qualities, from the best coffee producing regions in the world.

Concept Store


Vulkan 5

0178 Oslo

Opening hours:

Monday: Closed

Tuesday - Saturday: 10-20

Sunday: 11-18

Roastery and office


Enebakkveien 125

0680 Oslo

Our roastery is not open to the public. Please contact us for collaborations, sales requests or if you have any questions.

Customer service opening hours:

Weekdays: 08 - 16