Our passion for coffee is more than just about flavour. Coffee shouldn't just taste good, it should do good.

Direct trade

At Solberg & Hansen, we purchase coffee of very high quality directly from farmers all over the world.

In order to deliver quality, the farmers rely on the availability of resources for necessary equipment, knowledge, and skills development. They depend on access to skilled workers who pick the good, ripe berries, or sort and process the coffee in a meticulous and vigilant manner. They need to be able to implement measures and adapt despite climate challenges. It is also important that the communities surrounding the farms are safe and have access to healthcare.

Care and quality

We do everything we can to improve the conditions for People and the Environment throughout our value chain: From bean to cup.

We are determined to offer coffee consumers new and excellent batches of coffee year after year. That's why it is vital for us to pay the farmer extra for the hard work. The framework for those we collaborate with is highly significant in our business model, and with direct trade we make sure that the farmer is rewarded and we get the best quality.

Our main focus in sustainability is people and the environment


The challenge: 

Climate change poses significant challenges for our suppliers, and we must work towards solutions that enable us to adapt to these changes or contribute to reducing the challenges.

Our goal: 

By 2030, we aim to become climate neutral. This involves protecting the environment, reducing emissions, optimizing resource utilization with minimal impact on nature.


The challenge: 

We believe that a safe work environment, knowledge, and opportunities for development contribute to better solutions throughout the value chain.

Our goal:

We aim to protect the rights, health, and safety of the workers associated with our value chain. We prioritize knowledge and development.