Our history

It all started in 1879

We are actually 145 years old. And not only are we proud of it, but we also see it as one of our greatest strengths. 

All these years of sourcing, roasting and brewing coffee, testing and failing, trying and learning - all these years have given us the very foundation from which we work. 

Every coffee bean tells its own story. About the families who cultivate them, the geography and country where they originate, how they are hand-picked and dried, and how they are processed, roasted and brewed by passionate professionals who are striving for the best quality and taste.

Being passionate about coffee is as important as getting involved with the people who cultivate it, and the environment in which it is grown. Caring for the farmer and their environment are an important part of our work ethic, and vital to our future.

We have always been focused on the big picture. Since 1879 we have travelled the world in search of the best coffees, and what we have learned is this: The coffee industry is constantly developing and changing, and we are never done learning.

We are pioneers in specialty coffee both in Norway and internationally and continue to constantly develop ourselves. Our team is dedicated to discovering the best way to give you the world's best coffee.