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Rukun Saudara - Cup of Excellence, Indonesia

Rukun Saudara - Cup of Excellence, Indonesia

Whole Beans

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Tasting notes: Balanced and fruity. Cane sugar, wine gum and tropical fruits.

From the green mountainsides at Mount Kerinci in Sumatra, we bring you a truly exceptional coffee experience. The coffee beans undergo a unique fermentation method, known as Honey Caramella, which involves 6 days of oxygen-free fermentation followed by drying. The end result is a coffee with a distinct flavor, sweet notes, and a strong intensity.

Producer: Abdul Aziz Thohari
Farm: Rukun Saudara Farm
Region: Mount Kerinci, Sumatra
Process: Honey Caramella
Variety: Sigararutang, Andungsari
Altitude1500 masl

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